The Elizabeth Collection

The Elizabeth Collection

Elizabeth Pendant Collection


Have your Keepsake made into a beautiful setting! This high quality pendant gives your Keepsake an extra special look. Oval: Available in 14K gold filled. Your choice of yellow (YGF) or rose gold (RGF).

Circle: Available in 14k gold filled. Your choice of yellow (YGF) or rose gold (RGF).

Drop: Available in Sterling Silver

Heart: Available in Sterling Silver 


(Pictured: 14K YGF Oval, size 10x8, lavender shimmer backdrop with clients rose petal on face)


Note: Chain sold separately!


Turnaround time for Keepsakes is currently 3.5-4 months after receiving your inclusions. 


    Unfortunately, due to the personalized nature of each handmade piece we do not accept refunds at this time. Should you have any complaints/issues with your keepsake please contact me directly. 

    Should you need to cancel your order, this is possible only for 14 business days after your order is processed. 

  • Shipping Info

    Once you have placed your order you will receive an email giving you the details on how to ship your breastmilk to me! If you do not receive this email within 2-3 business days, please let us know. 

    The turn around time for your keepsake to be completed and returned to you is approximately 3.5-4 months. Don't worry, it will most likely be much shorter than that! We just like to leave room for delivery delays due to the ongoing Pandemic. 

  • Product Info

    Design your very own handmade Pendant!

    Jewelry is already such a sentimental item. Why not make it even more precious, and have your breastmilk, flowers, baby's hair, and much more preserved inside?

    Breastmilk Pendant? Yes you read that right! Send me just 15-20ml of your breastmilk, and I can make it into a lovely pendant! Breastfeeding is such a wonderful and often difficult journey. Let's celebrate YOU!


    Caring for this particular type of jewelry may be different than you are used to.


    -Water exposure (this means you should not wear your jewelry in the shower, swimming, etc).

    -Heat exposure (for example you shouldn't leave your jewelry in a hot vehicle, or in direct sunlight).

    -Perfumes/lotion (you can still wear perfumes and lotion! Just avoid direct contact with your stone).

    -Rough Handling (I do my very best to ensure that this jewelry is sturdy, and lasts forever, but please remember it is handmade! It is considered delicate jewelry).


    It is best described as 'heirloom jewelry'. Something that you should cherish and not wear on a daily basis if you want it to last forever.


    Please be sure to add an design requests to you order in the "note" section. We do not allow any changes or "add ons" once you have placed your order. This is just to keep us from making any mistakes and missing any changes!